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Employee Engagement of the Year Award

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Award Nomination Criteria

Typical Nominees: Nominations will either be on behalf of the whole organisation or can typically be senior managers/specialists or teams responsible for the overall planning and implementation of key employee engagement and development initiatives and strategies. Such individuals may not necessarily be members of the HR/OD function. Nominees will be nominated by their Chief Executive or relevant HR Director or most senior HR professional within the organisation.

Executive Summary:

Please provide a summary of your category nomination in no more than 500 words.

Supporting Evidence (essential):

  1. Commitment from leadership for the engagement strategy
  2. Consideration of company culture whilst containing an emphasis on employees being rewarded and recognised
  3. The nomination should also show how the initiative engages all levels of the organization and how it is being evaluated
  4. Evidence of how the programme integrates with/develops the values of the organisation
  5. Evidence that all employees are accountable for their performance and feedback is delivered in a systematic and proactive way

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Employee Engagement of the Year Award

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