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Corporate Responsibility of the Year Award

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Award Nomination Criteria

Typical Nominees: The nomination will normally be the whole organisation. The goal of Corporate Responsibility is to embrace responsibility for a company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees and communities within which they operate or have an impact. The Corporate Responsibility Award recognises those organisations and their associated partners who have implemented a highly successful and impactful CR campaign to date. The award also recognises the effective communication surrounding the CR approach and what employee engagement benefits have been realised by the organisation through its CR policy. Judges will be looking for organisations to match the rhetoric with real world practice that makes a positive impact. The Judges would expect to see evidence of commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals or Scotland’s Fair Work agenda or as an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Executive Summary:

Please provide a summary of your category nomination in no more than 500 words.

Supporting Evidence (essential):

  1. Evidence to support that the corporate responsibility strategy has full stakeholder engagement 
  2. Evidence demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to social inclusion 
  3. Evidence to show that the organisation continues to uphold its true values and ethics in line with employee, customer and shareholder expectations
  4. Evidence of impact on the communities served 
  5. Evidence of the impact on the business bottom line

SSE’s core purpose is to provide the Energy that people need in a reliable and sustainable way. SSE prides itself in being a responsible employer, directly employing around 20,000 staff in the UK and Ireland. In the last few years SSE has been one of the largest FTSE Companies, and the only major Energy Company to sign up to the Living Wage. SSE is also the first FTSE Company to gain the Fair Tax Charter, which shows that it reports its tax affairs in an open and transparent manner. SSE recently published its return on inclusion report, which looked at the economic impact of its inclusion strategy and what steps can be taken to increase a return from this important investment. This report builds on SSE’s philosophy of transparent reporting where it has previously published its Human Capital Report, which shows the economic value of the employees that it borrows from society. As part of this report, SSE called out the specific economic value of its Apprenticeship and Technical Training Programmes which generate significant economic value for each £ invested. SSE did this with a view to kick starting a debate on the value of investing in skills based training that leads to sustainable employment. With over 650 trainees, a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, and with a 4-year deal to Sponsor the Woman’s FA CUP, SSE really is proud to make a difference.

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Corporate Responsibility of the Year Award

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